Today increase in craze for Ayurvedic herbal products and Ayurvedic treatment worldwide. Infact, it's one of the latest fields with a huge market potential & that's why Indian Government is looking forward to its growth. Hence a need was felt to develop an adequately qualified task force specialized in Ayurvedic Nursing and Ayurvedic Pharmacist. Hence a need for such courses was felt. More-over, self-employment is the need of the hour & that's why professional courses are in demand. Starting Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Nursing is like moving one more important step forward in this direction.


UP Govt. decide to Open 50 Ayurvedic Hospital Every year which generate various Ayurvedic Vacancies

Dr.BR Ambedkar Nursing & Pharmacy College has been established for helping you in shaping your career & after stepping out of the college, its students could make a new vision & reach new horizons & give new direction to others that follow.

Remember-" Without changing the old ways, new dimensions of life & living cannot be achieved." So, initially, be prepared for Sweat & perspiration but the positive results are guaranteed. Remember Ayurveda is a Spiritual Science & is a complex subject. Persons, who have in-depth knowledge & have understood basic fundamentals of Ayurveda, feel that basic fundamentals of Ayurveda are infact the most scientifically laid out. That's why it's still relevant in this jet age. Its role in the field of "Social & Preventive Medicine" is of vital importance.

Courses offered

Ayurvedic Nursing

Ayurvedic Pharmacy


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I sincerely hope that Dr.BR Ambedkar Nursing & Pharmacy College would be of genuine help to you in shaping your successful career and bright future. For any problems / queries you are most welcome.

Wish you the very best in life. Keep the faith in yourself & Ayurveda.